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Ryan Pugh Voice Over Recording Studio

Voice Over Career

I have been professionally voicing since 2003 after being discovered as a voice for software tutorials for the company I was writing code (programmer) for. I had always been encouraged to go into broadcasting once my voice changed in adolescence. Whether it was an empty room, using a microphone, or just a place fortunate enough to have amazing acoustics; I started raising eyebrows with my voice. 

Years passed, and I only pulled out "The Voice" for parlor tricks, prank calls, and whenever I was running a meeting. People still urged me to get into VO over the years, but I never really knew how. 

I realized in 2003, after voicing some tutorial videos for a complex test automation software product; that I might have a niche opportunity as a technologist who could not only understand and communicate technical jargon - but could also script and voice it as well. With some equipment purchases, a deep-dive into Pro-Tools, and a whole bunch of learning - I entered the world of VO marketing technology clients. 

In 2006 I ventured out into Voice Over full-time and had an amazing growth spurt. The types of content and customers was changing and the ability to voice across different industries and be heard on radio and television was exhilarating. Having your kids look up at the TV or yell out in the car "Hey! That's DAD!" was priceless. 

Pretty soon the family was used to dad being the voice over guy, but dad had to return to software engineering to sustain the income needed for raising a family. Fortunately, I had built a very profitable and loyal client base that became a stream of creative outlet and revenue to make VO as a side business viable. 

My voice has been heard around the globe and even played over The National Mall in Washington, DC during a live event.  

I love it. I love voice over. I love scripting. I love the mic, pro audio gear, editing, and the studio. I have been blessed to work on so many projects and hope the future holds many more! 

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